Email Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Three things you can get from your customer with effective email marketing;

1. Increase customer LTV (Life Time Value) to your business

2. Create customer champions who recommend your business to friends & family

3. Generate free market research to help innovate your product & services

And the reason why they will do this for your business? The answer lies in the relationship you build and nurture with them. And email marketing is an effective tool to simultaneously execute this relationship with thousands of customers.

This workshop is ideal for all businesses operated by solopreneurs or small entrepreneur teams. We will address

1. Ways to start building an email subscriber list
2. The importance of segmenting mailing lists
3. Developing an email marketing funnel strategy
4. Tips to write engaging and effective copy
5. Exploring Mail Chimp as an email marketing system

Tue Mar 20, 2018
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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The Sapling, 20 Lengkok Bahru
Standard (1 pax) SOLD OUT $25.00
Bring A Friend (2 pax) SOLD OUT $40.00
Venue Address
20 Lengkok Bahru Singapore
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